Wardrobe Consultation  |  Closet Clean Out  |  Personal Shopping 

Elliott's most comprehensive styling service for men & women  


Wardrobe Consultation

-discuss fit for your body type and how to be more fashionable in your everyday life

-fresh take on your already existing wardrobe 

-discuss pieces needed 


Closet Clean Out

-one-on-one time in your home

-existing closet overview including removal of anything out of season or style

-rework old items and assemble outfits from existing wardrobe

-advice & referrals for tailoring

-develop a list of items of needed closet additions (w/ visual references)


Personal Shopping

-assist in a shopping trip and select new items

-talk fit & functionality for your life 

-home delivery options & fittings in the comfort of your own home

-special events including weddings, benefits, vacations, etc. 


*Contact for pricing*