Sunrise Water Shoot // Emilia Parre // Pap Shirock

There is nothing sweeter than when your vision becomes reality…when ideas/daydreams come to right in front of your eyes. After pondering the idea of having a sunrise water shoot, I decided to make it happen. I knew Emilia Parre was the PERFECT fit for this project. Her esthetic and energy was exactly what was needed. Working with all these babes was a total dream!!! 

Photographer: Emilia Parre // Styling: Elliott Sikes // Makeup: Kat Marde // Model: Pap Shirock 

Jamie Clayton // East Nashville // Amax Talent

The film is in!!! I'm so excited to share a few photos from the shoot I styled with Jamie Clayton. It was one of the most dreamy shoots ever: perfect team, perfect location, perfect model and perfect energy. #dreamteam 

Photographer: Jamie Clayton // Hair+Makeup: Haley Bidez // Styling: Elliott Sikes // Model: M.E. Clark from Amax Talent

Will Taylor // Florida // Vacation Shoot

Back in May I was on vacation with my family down on 30A in Florida. While there a little impromptu photo shoot happened. Which is always the best kind, in my opinion :) Will Taylor, a photographer/videographer/and talented musician from Austin, TX and I ventured out to a location that he had found while exploring on his bicycle.

Here are a few photos from this day! :) :)  Also, the tan lines were not on purpose : /

The Bride Room // Emilia Pare Shoot

Sunrise…Horses…Lace…Beading…Cowboy Hats…and a group of people that love creating beautiful images and collaboration...All of these things made for one of the most magical shoots I've been on in a long time!

Photographer: Emilia Pare // Styling: The Bride Room (Charlotte Poling, Jessica Wickham, and myself) // Hair and Makeup: Hayley Bidez // Models: Kaitlin Benedetto and M.E. Clark from AMAX Talent // Location Scout: Caleb Chandler

There were SO MANY amazing images, trying to decide which ones to post was near impossible so here are a bunch ;) 

Jamie Clayton Photoshoot

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of jumping in front of the camera with local photographer, Jamie Clayton. His fun and outgoing personality, hilarious humor mixed with his unbelievable talent with film and natural light put me right at ease. Here are a few shots from that day! 

We also just recently collaborated on an editorial shoot that I canNOT wait to share with you once the film comes in! I'll keep you posted!